City Scape
Colored Pencil, 8.5”x12”
Colored Pencil and Pen, 8.5”x12”
Colored Pencil and Pen, 8.5”x12”
Colored Pencil and Pen, 8.5”x12“
Colored Pencil and Pen, 9”x 12”
Colored Pencil and Pen,
Side Sit
Colored Pencil and Pen,
Sitting up North
Colored Pencil and Pen,

About the Artist


Interest in drawing started at a very young age for Paula who then attended the Junior School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Under the guidance of Emanuel Jacobson she focused on life drawings. Most recently she has been doing a series of “Pin-Head People.” The heads are “pin-head” in size and the body is stretched out as the form moves to the hands and feet.

Paula holds a B.S. degree from Northwestern University and a MSW from University of Illinois. She resides in Skokie, Illinois where she works as a hospice social worker and continues to draw. She has participated in art shows and exhibited her work in the Chicago area including at The Figurative Art League of Evanston, Art and Beyond, She Art, and The Skokie Art Guild.

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