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Bring your art to a next level of a professional representation! Apply for the Special October Online Issue to be published and promoted during the Art San Diego 2018 Shows!

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Art & Beyond Publications

Now accepting applications for the Annual Competition to be published in the Art & Beyond Special Issue Photography and Digital Art is published.

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Art_Beyond_Special_Nude_2016_coverArt & Beyond Publications

Apply to be published in the Special Art & Beyond Online Magazine dedicated to Nude and Figurative Art.

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2018  Competition for Photographers & Digital Artists


  For more information about us please visit our web site at



The 44 DEGREES  is an online magazine and dedicated to promoting Israeli artists.

The magazine deals with the field of contemporary art.
Present digital media artists, painters, sculptors and curators.
Each magazine will discuss a different topic.
It is possible to contact each artist by clicking on his site, or write to his email.

The 44 DEGREES Magazine is founded by Tammy Mike Laufer 2013







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