Art & Beyond Publications
holds Content  and Cover Competition for Summer and Winter issues of the printed magazines.

For each category of the magazine will be chosen up to 3 entries. The categories are as follows:

Please click on the Cover to view magazine

Please click on the Cover to view magazine

Fine Art (oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, fine art print making)

Sculpture. Glass. Wood

Photography. Digital Art

Ceramic. Jewelry

Deadline for Spring/Summer is April 25, 2014.

The winner of the Content Competition will be awarded with One Full Page article (value of $345.00) or 1/2 page article (value $185.00) published in the Art & Beyond Magazine in the applied issue and Gallery Page with 5 images and biography in the Online Gallery for one year.

The Entry Fee is $30.00 for 2 images. You may submit up to 5 images within additional charge of $7.00 per image (the submission fees are non-returnable).

The winner of the Cover Competition will be awarded with image published on the front cover (value of $1,100.00) and a note on the TOC page about a winner.

The Entry Fee is $50.00 for 1 (one) image (the submission fees are non-returnable).

After your payment is completed please send your images to with a following information in the subject line: the competition you are applying to (Summer or Winter issue magazine Content Competition).

How to apply:

Images should be send in 300 DPI as JPG files tagged with your name and number (Mary Smith_pic.1.jpg). In the body of email please type a description of your entry according the submitted materials: Mary Smith_pic.1— Title, Medium, Size. Short biography up to 300 words should be send in word document saved as .doc (not .docx).

The winners will be announced 10 days after the deadline is closed.

To apply please use PayPal button below.

The  deadline for Content Competition as follows:

Spring/Summer     April 25
Fall/Winter     October 15


Content Competition Entry Fee

Cover Competition Entry Fee

Price Rate Policy:

• Cancellations are only accepted 3 days after the submission deadline.
• Additional charges will be applied for shipping to foreign countries and must be included with your Entry Form.
• The Publisher reserves the right to reject certain artwork or artists for any reason; including but not limited to the quality of the submitted images and the overall content.
• There are no additional charges for the scanning of artwork, basic editing and/or proofreading of supplied materials from an artist.
Art & Beyond will not be held liable or responsible for any printing errors.
• Please note that the printed images never match materials 100%.
• Placement of editorials is in an alphabetical order by sections. Special placements will not be offered and/or considered.
• The page(s) layout in PDF format will be emailed for proofing prior to the printing of our publication. Please consider that proofs 
do not represent a good match for color reproduction and are thus used for reference purposes only. Proofs must be approved by an individual artist within 48 hours of receipt by Art & Beyond. If approval or corrections are not received and thus approved on time, Art & Beyond is not responsible for printing any incorrect information.
• There are no additional charges for the shipping of up to five printed copies in the Continental United States.
• Supplied materials and images will be returned only if a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) is provided with your submission.
Art & Beyond is not responsible for any loss or damages incurred from the shipment of your submission materials.
Art & Beyond cannot guarantee your acceptance to art galleries, art museums or publishers.
• By signing the Entry Form you agree that after your artwork is accepted and published in Art & Beyond that all payments are final.
• Entry Forms without full payment will not be processed.
• Entry Forms with payments made by Personal Check are subject to a clearance period of ten (10) business days.
• Returned personal checks will result in additional $15.00 fee.
• Notification of acceptance will be sent via email communication.