Unforgettable Marilyn
Oil on canvas,
Blue Danube
Oil on canvas,
Arizona Spring
Oil on canvas,
Forest in Winter
Oil on canvas,
Lake Powell
Oil on canvas,

About the Artist

Istvan Gal was born in Budapest, Hungary. Gal immigrated to the United States, eventually settling in Chicago, IL about 44 years ago. As a young man full of hopes and ambitions, Gal experienced difficulties early on as an immigrant in a new countlry but persaviered when he received an engineering degree from Midwest Engineering College. Shortly after Gal began his career as a design engeneer, a field he worked in for many years.
During his years as an engineer in the Chicago factories, Gal dreamed about becoming a full time artists and painting beautiful pictures.
This dream came true when Gal retired. He began a painting program at The School of Art at the Art Institute of Chicago where he received a certificate and exhibited his work.
“Now, I’m painting my life away and enjoying it.” stated Gal.
His work was published in the School Catalog (2007) of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Over the years Istvan Gal’s work was exhibited at Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, Art & Beyond Studio, Morton Grove, IL, Senior Artist Network, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL, Pallet & Chisel Gallery, Chicago, IL, Emily Oak Nature Center, Skokie, IL, Devonshire Cultural Center, Skokie, IL.

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