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Kathy Dee winner of Best in competition for

Exhibition Without Walls

Structure and Patterns contest

You could say photography was always in my blood. My father, Vester Dick, was a master photography and owned his own studio in Santa Cruz, California. Although I had a camera and loved to shoot from an early age, I wanted to go my own way and became a writer, earning a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. But, in 2007, I had a trauma that affected the part of the brain used for words and writing. I had to quit my job and struggled to find a new path. I was at loose ends looking for a creative outlet. Then, after a trip to Costa Rica and some reflection, I realized the most fun I had was taking pictures. I loved the medium because I didn’t have to think in words.

Unfortunately, my father had passed away years prior and wasn’t there when I needed a mentor. Although I learned a lot from him, watching and listening to him throughout the years, I realized there was much I didn’t know. I began taking endless classes. I also studied award winning photographers. I analyzed my shots against theirs and learned what mistakes I was making and worked hard to becoming a better photographer.

In the past years, I’ve had close to 1,000 photos accepted on stock websites. I love the challenge of doing stock photography where even ordinary objects can result in sales. I’ve won a couple of contests and had many honorable mentions. Photography is a never ending adventure and I’m excited to see where it brings me in the future. I currently reside in Eastern Washington with my boyfriend and a dog named Sela.

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