Fantasy Spirit Dancing in My Eye
Blue Ball Point Ink, 9 x 12
Light House in My Blue Horizon
Color Pencil, 9 x 12
Black Stepping Stone in Forest
Ball Point Ink, 9 x 12
New Spirit in the Hills
Color Pencil, 9 x 12
Man Against Sea
Black Ball Point Ink, 9 x 12

About the Artist

In my universe, I describe my art as Abstract American Landscape using ball point and color pencil. The shape and contour displays the time of perspective, hidden light in the eye and the emotions found in nature that takes over the humane psychology in man. In my pencil drawing, I envision a perfect reflection in a personal journey into standard color theory and unity found in typical Abstract Art. By the professional eye, my art work develops on the fantastical realism of nature settings, and the thin brush strokes similar found in ball point ink media. I try to make every effort in creating my art pieces based on the harmony of color, psychology that crosses reality into abstract work and emotions of new inspiration for brighter horizon today.
The most obvious attribute of my work is the use of complimentary color, the imagination of shape and harmony that express the emotions in any feminist. In addition, I enhance the color content of each paper with touches of light and shadows by using value, tone and surreal natural landscapes like formal impressionism. In my last ball point ink drawing, I emphasize the psyche of man against the harsh landscapes of the rigid rocks behind the emotion of peace. It has always been my desire that every piece of art I create portrays the qualities that will enlighten, deepen and ultimately enrich the victory of man’s challenges, and acceptance in the human body.

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