About the Artist

The love and intimacy with nature all started when Michelle Purves lived in a remote village in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) when she was nine years of age. The immense cultural and spiritual significance of her native Africa resonates strongly with herself and it is from such environs that Michelle draws her inspirations, and her art form has evolved.

The fiery sun and flaming red skies, contrasted to romantic soft pink skies bedding themselves on the horizon. The scorched earth begging for rain and the chameleon clinging with hope to a vivid green tree in the middle of a drought. The midnight blue sky, alive with flickering stars and fireflies dancing to the beat, of an opera of cicadas.

Nowadays, clouds for Purves are represent the interconnectedness of nature. The beginning of life.  The colours of the sky resemble the moods of people and their colourful characteristics, whether it be romantic, imaginary, or dramatic overtones.  Flowers represent the individual traveling through this vast world with hopes and dreams, reaching for the sky, and not forgetting the beauty of their surroundings.

“Purves frequently strips the scenescape of everything that is not the subject she wishes to explore, allowing the subject’s nuances and often overlooked character to be revealed. Commonly dismissed as unwanted obstructions to the aesthetic superiority of a bright sunny day, clouds, in Purves’ work, are championed as humble heroes: givers of gifts, above all the gift of all life, as the deliverers of rain and water.” “Her hues are endearing, emanating a warmth that demands a moment of contemplation. Their subject-matter is often implausibly simple and never formatically dominant, allowing the colours, textures and contrasts to take center stage” written by David McKenzie, Art Monaco Mag 2015.

Purves paintings are in traditional oils and her technique is nonconformist. Since 2002, she have had numerous successful exhibitions in Australia.

She was awarded “Prix d’excellence Artist Emergent” at Art Monaco 2015.

The wide range of exhibitions in 2015 include Art Monaco,  Art Zurich, and through Steiner Art Gallery (Vienna) at  Shanghai Expo and  Miami Red Dot.

Purves artwork featuring in :-  Global Art Agency – Contemporary Art of Excellence Vol II, and Vol III– Investable artists 2016 and 2017.  Art Domain Who Is Publisher-  “Who is Who in Visual Art 2017”  (Finalist in Palm-art-award with Art Domain).  World Wide Art Books International Contemporary Masters Volume X1

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