3 Weeks Group Show with Artists Reception

Istvan Gal, Elana Ashley, Mila Ryk, Anna Ivleva and Paula Smiles
Anna Ivleva
Mila Ryk, artist, owner Art & Beyond Studio, co-director Rhythm & Beyond.
Istvan Gal
Paula Smiles, Istvan Gal, Anna Ivleva and Larisa Kitaychik, co-director of Rhythm & Beyond


Art & Beyond Studio, Inc. is celebrating its 10th Anniversary by opening a new page in our continuing journey toward helping artists gain even more exposure and reach their goals in the sometimes difficult but very exciting and wonderful career.

I am thrilled to announce that Chicago based artists can now showcase their work in our brand new Rhythm & Beyond, Corp. studio located in Niles, IL.

Rhythm & Beyond, Corp. is a Dance, Music and Art school for children and adults. The studio holds a variety of different activities including Group Art Shows and Short 2 days Art Events.

This space is also available to rent for lectures, workshops, live model drawing classes, photo shoots, various exercise classes and much more, just ask.



2-Day Event on August 24-25, 2013



How it works

Every artist can apply for a Group Show using the following information below:

Each Event is 6 weeks long with an Opening Reception. 15% commission fee will be taken if artwork is sold during the exhibition time.  All artwork must be original, framed and ready to hang.

You may choose one of the options: $45.00 Hanging Fee for one artwork and $90.00 Hanging Fee for two artworks.

Non-returnable $15.00 Entry Fee must be paid prior sending following materials for any chosen art events.

Artists shall send 1 image of exhibiting artwork in 300 DPI in an actual size not smaller then 5″x7″. A short bio up to 300 words in Word Document format.

All materials should be sent by email to mryk@art-beyond.com after payment is completed.

To make payments by check please please use Entry Form with payment directions and addresses.

After your work is accepted you will receive email with detailed information about additional images and materials to be send followed by directions regarding delivery artwork.

We are also offering Two Day Art Events during the weekend under the following conditions. Space is limited up to 8 artists, based on renting wall space.

The other options are available for group of artists or individual artist to rent a wall space for an Art Show for Two Day Weekend.

Each artist may rent wall space: 10′, 15′ or 20′.

10′ wall  – $115.00

15′ wall ­ $175.00

20′ wall ­ $230.00

Additional prices for full Marketing and Promotional packages include:

Press Release – Articles in the Art & Beyond Online Magazine for each artist, Social Media Announcement, Invitation Cards for event (100 cards for each artist).

Total price for individually participating artist for Marketing and Promotional package is­ $85.00

The Small Promotional Package – $25.00 and  includes PR and Invitation cards (30 cards per artist).

Payment and materials for Marketing Campaign must be made 4 weeks prior the event.

Payment can be made online using PayPal button bellow or by check. To make payments by check please please use Entry Form with payment directions and addresses.

When apply choose the Event Dates from the Schedule below and enter it in to the Entry Form.

Artists shall send 2 images of exhibiting artwork in 300 DPI in an actual size not smaller then 5″x7″, short bio up to 300 words in Word Document format and list of supplied work with Title, Medium, Size and Price.

All materials should be sent by email to mryk@art-beyond.com after payment is completed.
Contract will be send by email with information regarding Drop Off and Pick Up time prior the Event.



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    All your entry information can be submitted by email to: mryk@art-beyond.com or using www.sendbigfiles.com free server to the provided email address.

    How to send:
    Please mark the way you are choosing to submit your materials:
    I will send submission by email to mryk@art-beyond.com as a zipped files (in one or more emails) with my Name and Size of the Space chosen in the subject line.I will upload my submission on to www.sendbigfiles.com as one zipped file named as my Last Name and my Name and the Size of the Space chosen in the subject line. I will notify you by email to mryk@art-beyond.com or phone 224-388-0582 when it’s uploaded.I would like to upload my submission by FTP. Please provide access to my email submitted above.I will be mailing my submission on Memory Drive with all required materials to P.O. Box 994, Morton Grove, IL 60053.

    Please Select Method of Payment:
    PayPalCashier Check or Money OrderPersonal Check (subject to a clearance period of 10 business days)
    Please select payment option above.
    Checks or Money Order should be made out to Art & Beyond Studio, Inc.
    Mailing address: Art & Beyond Studio, Inc., P.O. Box 994, Morton Grove, IL 60053

    All entries submitted the Art Show must be original work. The artist must be the sole owner of the copyright of the submitted images/artwork. Artists accepted to be exhibited and published will retain full copyrights of their images. Submitting the Entry Form gives Art & Beyond Studio, Inc. the authorization and permission to utilize submitted materials for publication as well as marketing purposes including publicity by Art & Beyond Studio, Inc.

    Please check this box. It will act as the artist signature for consent.

    If you have any questions please contact Art & Beyond at mryk@art-beyond.com

    Please click on submit button below to complete your Entry Form and you will be directed to the Payment Page.


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    Art Event Entry Fee


    To make a payment Online For The Group Shows please click here.

    Make sure to fill out the Entry Form above.