I just wanted to let you know that once again your magazine Art & Beyond has been effective.  I was contacted by the Colorida Art Gallery of Lisbon. Of course it is a first contact and I do not even know, in case I am accepted, that their conditions will be convenient to me. But anyway it is interesting how your Magazine is prestigious world wide and taken into account. Two years ago I was contacted by the Steiner Gallery in Vienna (exhibited with them in Shanghai and Austria). I wanted you to know  the feed back that Art & Beyond is causing in benefit of my art history.

– Evelyn Walg, www.EvelynWalg.com

I am very happy to have been included in various Art and Beyond Publications. The magazine showcases a wonderful variety of art styles. Has insightful artist interviews and with the addition of Special Editions very well promotes all forms of art.


— Diana Whiley,
Freelance Artist and Writer


Art & Beyond printed magazine brought me several opportunities to exhibit in NY, Paris and Vienna.  I wouldn’t have had these opportunities if it wasn’t for my participation with the magazine and book “Living Artists of Today: Contemporary Art – International. Vol II”, that was published last year (2014). I feel this almost immediate reward makes these publications worth the investment. Furthermore, I want to thank Mila Ryk, for her vision and believing in my art.



Mila Ryk, publisher of Art & Beyond magazine invited readers to submit their work to compete for free publicity. I was honored to have my seascape titled, “Doubling Up” win. My painting is on the inside cover of January/February 2015 Art & Beyond Online.
A gallery owner in Vienna, Austria seeing the magazine, invited me to have a showing at her gallery. I will be visiting with her in the Spring to see how we can make this possible.
Also from the article appearing inside the magazine, my gallery Cosmopolitan in La Jolla, CA., called me after receiving a copy and seeing my snow scene of the Sierra Mountains. She asked me send it to her gallery. She has clients that are interested in winter scenes. Art & Beyond has widened my horizons with a possible show in Vienna and another pending sale. Thank you Mila Ryk and Art & Beyond.” 

— Grace Schlesier, www.graceschlesier.com


I was thrilled to be part of Living Artists of Today Vol II.  The quality of the images are excellent and the size of the book makes the experience intimate. Each page  flows beautifully from one artist to another.

— Diana Whiley,Freelance Artist and Writer Diploma Project Management


The March/April 2013 issue of “Art & Beyond” looks terrific.  You show case a remarkable group of excellent artists from around the world.  I feel privileged to be among them.

The design and layout for each artist is so good.  The art looks terrific.

I have ordered several printed copies of the magazine, to send to some of my collectors.

Looking forward to a continuing relationship with your very fine magazine – and I know it is because of your personal initiative. Thank you so much, Mila!

– Mike Menius


Mila. I think you may have out done yourself with the newest September/October 2013 issue..The  artists in it are fabulous.  I said it before but will again…I quit reading, years ago, the big well known art magazines that have been around forever. They held no interest. Some, seemingly, no talent…etc.   But then I saw Art & Beyond… lively. Exciting.  Talented artists.  What more can I say except….congratulations my friend on a job well done.

– Debbi  (Sosum) Chan


Mila Ryk of Art & Beyond has such amazing skill, taste, and ideas, that it would be silly not to join her in her efforts. I am thrilled with the results!

 – Jacqui  Morgan


Art & Beyond, both the magazine and the books the studio produces, is quickly becoming a necessary resource in the professional need to know what’s happening in the art world of today. Art Director Mila Ryk has a keen sensibility for the art and the artistic talent lurking  in the quiet studios and noisy street corners of the world. She finds that talent; she fosters it; she promotes. We need her. This is a great resource for anyone in the world of art.

– Paul Scott Malone


Art and Beyond Publications, Founded, Published and Art Directed by Mila Ryk, is certain to be one of the best opportunities for artists to promote their work. With its professional and aesthetically pleasing layout, Art and Beyond has most certainly achieved its purpose of helping artists expose and promote themselves to art galleries, art museums and publishers. It is a “must have” promotional tool for any artist that wishes to move beyond just simply creating their art. May, 2012

– Ed Wedman,
Co-Founder of Exhibitions Without Walls
for Photographers and Digital Artists

Dear Mila,

Thank you so much for my book: Living Artists of Today  International. Vol.1.
I am thrilled with professionalism of it and my art is showcased beautifully on the pages. The size is perfect to carry around to show potential clients, not too heavy or bulky. The content of work in the book is so diverse and interesting,  and I am honored to be included alongside such talent!

Kindest Regards,
Reina Cottier.
Reina Cottier Art.


I want to extend my gratitude to Art & Beyond for including me in their International Contemporary Artists edition. I view this as an accomplishment in my artistic career. The book is of outstanding quality and the selection of artists is very impressive!

Irina Avilova