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Price Rate Policy:

• Cancellations are only accepted 3 days after the submission deadline.
• Additional charges will be applied for shipping to foreign countries and must be included with your Entry Form.
• The Publisher reserves the right to reject certain artwork or artists for any reason; including but not limited to the quality of the submitted images and the overall content.
• There are no additional charges for the scanning of artwork, basic editing and/or proofreading of supplied materials from an artist.
• Art & Beyond will not be held liable or responsible for any printing errors.
• Please note that the printed images never match materials 100%.
• Placement of editorials is in an alphabetical order by sections. Special placements will not be offered and/or considered.
• The page(s) layout in PDF format will be emailed for proofing prior to the printing of our publication. Please consider that proofs do not represent a good match for color reproduction and are thus used for reference purposes only. Proofs must be approved by an individual artist within 48 hours of receipt by Art & Beyond. If approval or corrections are not received and thus approved on time, Art & Beyond is not responsible for printing any incorrect information.
• There are no additional charges for the shipping of up to five printed copies in the Continental United States.
• Supplied materials and images will be returned only if a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) is provided with your submission.
• Art & Beyond is not responsible for any loss or damages incurred from the shipment of your submission materials.
• Art & Beyond cannot guarantee your acceptance to art galleries, art museums or publishers.
• By signing the Entry Form you agree that after your artwork is accepted and published in Art & Beyond that all payments are final.
• Entry Forms without full payment will not be processed.
• Entry Forms with payments made by Personal Check are subject to a clearance period of ten (10) business days.
• Returned personal checks will result in additional $15.00 fee.
• Notification of acceptance will be sent via email communication.