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Art_Beyond_Special_Nude_2013_coverWe are proud to announce that Art & Beyond NUDE and FIGURATIVE ART Special Issue is published and is open for public view.

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We are proud to announce that Art &  Beyond Photography and Digital Art Special Issue is published and is open for public view. To purchase printed version of this magazine please click here.







Sunil Vilas Exclusive Interview’s





Mona Youssef – Canadian fine realism artist

Egyptian born in the capital city of Cairo, known as daughter of the Nile, but prefer to be called daughter of Nature knowing what was going to be her life long passion for painting scenes of nature and landscapes, a gift that she discovered from early age to be able to express through the medium of pencil drawings and later into oil paintings on canvas. To date completed over hundred’s of major collection some owned by private and corporate collectors’ world wide… Read more…




Naturmort Rose. Oil on Canvas, 11” x 15”

Naturmort Rose. Oil on Canvas, 11” x 15”

Edvard Ghazaryan

is an Armenian professional fine artist. Edvard’s first teacher, Ara Sargsian was a tremendously talented and famous sculptor.  He established the Yerevan State Institute of Fine Art (now Fine Art Academy).  In 1966, with Sargasian’s highest recommendation Edvard entered the Yerevan State Institute of Fine art and graduated with a degree as a painter and designer in 1971.  Read more…

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Madelana~Born to Live in Paris. Oil on canvas

Madelana~Born to Live in Paris. Oil on canvas

Pomm Hepner

Pomm has been an exhibiting artist for the past 30 years.  Born in Los Angeles, Pomm was raised by her French mother and grandmother, both of whom were established artists in their own right.  Her Paris-born mother fell in love with the name of a little girl’s character in a novel she was reading by French authoress Colette. The character’s name was Pomme, which means “apple” in French. Pomm’s mother dropped the “e” to assist pronunciation and honored her daughter with the uniquely elegant moniker. And so became Pomm. Read more…

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My Love of Trees #VII. Oil

My Love of Trees #VII. Oil

Lizzy Forrester 

Nature and all in nature provides me with a constant source of inspiration which I am acutely aware of spiritually. Ever since I was a child it has been what excited me about life itself, filling my world with light and love. I am compelled to paint. Read more...

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Wonder Woman.  Oil on canvas

Wonder Woman.
Oil on canvas

Tony Luciani

was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1956. The artist, growing up in Toronto, was able to partake in the best possible creative education. After Central Technical High School (4 year art program), Sheridan Community College (1 year art program), and the Ontario College of Art from 1975 to 1978, Tony received his degree along with post graduate study in OCA’s off-campus program in Florence, Italy. Read more…

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Ghost of Tezfat, Photography

Ghost of Tezfat, Photograph

Vered Galor

has been involved with the fine art world as an artist, curator and educator for over thirty years. She received her BA and MA in Fine Art from California State University in Northridge in 1975 and 1978. Mrs. Galor started her career as glass sculptor. In 1981 she established a business doing curatorial projects and consulting in Contemporary Fine Art. She lectured, participated in discussions and wrote art programs to encourage the collaboration of Art and Architecture. Since 1989 Mrs. Galor has been concentrating on photography. Read more…

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Silence. Oil on canvas.

Regina Davis Izaguirre

is a completely self-taught Mexican artist currently living in Washington, DC. She presents painting reminiscent of magic realism with images embroidered to one another, she states “In my paintings I present images composed of diversified interpretations of the human figure in conjunction with elements of nature and mystical imagery and iconography. Read more…

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Abstract Wave. Oil on Linen, 10” x 18”

Seda Baghdasarian

is an award winning international artist and designer, who has created themed environments for amusement park, stage and film; and exhibited her paintings & photography in galleries and museums across United States, Europe and China. Born in Teheran, Iran; and raised in the United Kingdom.

Seda received her undergraduate degree with honors, in Architecture and Interior Design from London Metropolitan University. After moving to the US in ‘82 to pursue her passion for visual storytelling, she further completed graduate studies in Storyboarding for Film, Rendering & Illustration at Art Center College in Pasadena; while working full time as a designer for major Hollywood Studios such as Disney & Universal. Read more…

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Maui Beachfront. Oil on board, 12″ x 16″

Dan LaVigne

Dan LaVigne’s work has always been defined by sensitivity to subject and a distinctive eye for color. Working as a commercial illustrator through the eighties, his oil paintings graced numerous publications, including Architectural Digest, Bon Appetite, and Los Angeles Magazine. In 1990 he decided on a career as a fine artist, receiving an M.F.A. Degree from California State University, Long Beach. Read more…

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Man Of The Street. Oil on canvas, 52” x  58”

Peter Filzmaier

My first recollection of works of art was at age seven when I saw the floor to ceiling paintings at the Emperor’s Palace in Vienna, Austria.  I was mesmerized and still carry the impact of the experience.

I first started dabbing in oils in my late teens but did not seriously take up painting until my early twenties. Growing up in Ontario, Canada and having an affinity for the out Doors, drew me to the works of the “Group of Seven”. I began painting on site through all seasons and traveled throughout the country. Read more…

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Two-faced Odalisque. Acrylic on panel. 36” x 48”


I began my creative life in the theater. I am a graduate (MFA) from Yale Drama School, where I studied set and costume design. I have created sets and costumes for Juilliard School, Yale Repertory Theater, Alaska Repertory Theater and Wayside Theater in Virginia, among others. Although I no longer work in the theater, many of the skills and techniques I learned there have been useful to me in the studio. My work features strong narrative content, much of which is based on myth, fable and fairy tale. Read more.


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Yesterday & Tomorrow.

Rita Dianni-Kaleel

Rita was born and raised in Chicago and has been intrigued with Art from her earliest memories. She studied privately for many years learning traditional skills in painting and sculpture. Her work is influenced by many philosophies and techniques and being a contemporary artist, inspiration derives from the beauty of Nature, not only the exterior, but that which lives within.  Read more..

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Juggle. Oil Pastel and Pencil. 16” x 20”

Kerry Rolewicz

My formal art education began in high school with Early College Courses at the Art Institute of Chicago. I continued on to earn my BFA from Creighton University, where I spent a semester abroad with Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy. My undergraduate work consisted of mainly large-scale oil painting and metal sculpture. Upon finishing school my work evolved from large to small and from paint to pencil and pastel. Over the past ten years of work I have been finding the balance between artist and motherhood. Read more…

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W1543. Oil on Canvas, 160 cm x 120 cm

Joachim Gerschler

Joachim Gerschler is 67 years old. He has been working for a few decades as the top restorer on historical buildings in Berlin doing analysis of the building`s history, the technical requirements of restoring them in the original sense and doing the restoration work himself and with his staff. Since 2010 he has begun to paint oil on canvas in rakel  (spatula) technique and has produced up to now more than 100 such paintings, mostly in sizes of one to two m2,… Read more

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Allegory For Spring (The Song Of Moses). Oil on linen. 66″ x 60″

Patrick Lee

Patrick Lee is a professional artist and teacher who has exhibited work at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, OH. , the State Museum of  Pennsylvania, and the Westmoreland Museum of American Art.  He has been involved in numerous group exhibitions, including the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts’ 2009 Mid-Atlantic Juried Art Exhibition in which he received the “Best in Show” honor.  In 2011, he was selected as one of fifty finalists in the America China Oil Painting Artist’s League’s nationwide competition, Exhibition of Contemporary American and Chinese Realism.  Read more…

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Brabrants thru the Netherlands. Watercolor and ink on silk. 33″ x 21″

Debbi Chan

On the cusp of two creative signs, the tiger and the rabbit, I was born in Houston, Texas. With a creative push from day one, I took up the brush by age ten. In my early years as a budding artist I decided that oil painting was not my thing but watercolor and ink were.  That really never changed but the style vacillated from realism to fantasy throughout those formative years.  It was not until a bit of aging wisdom came to me that I sought out a teacher and found Frank Chiu, a master artist in traditional Chinese painting.  He mentored me for over a decade and was later joined by his wife, Judy. Read more…

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HARVEST. Digital art.

Melvin Harris

I became interested in art at an early age. I remember looking at the ‘Draw Me’ ads in comic books and various other publications. I started by taking one of their correspondence courses. I took art classes in Junior High School and was a frequent visitor to the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City after school hours. I intensively studied Water Color and Acrylic painting, Life Drawing, Graphic Art and Design, Technical Illustration and Airbrush Photo Retouching during several decades that I lived in California. I gave no thought to ‘being in the arts’ when I was young. I find creating art to be an outlet for my thoughts and experiences. Read more 

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Fruits of Labor (Virgo). Mixed Media. 28″ x 41”

Rae Chichilnitsky

Rae is a self-taught and self-represnting local artist. She was born in Kishinev (Moldova) during the Soviet era. There she studied classical music at the Kishinev Institute of Art, earning her degree in Musicology and worked as a freelance book illustrator.  Read more

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Sandy Den Hartog

Sandy has had an interest in stones since childhood. Wherever she went, even as a young person, whether it was picnics, vacations, or field trips; she always made sure she had a cup along to collect rocks which were precious to her at the time. Once in high school she took numerous classes in gemology and geology. Then she graduated, got married, and had children. Rocks and gems had to be put on hold for a while. Read more

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Zygote. Acrylic on canvas. 52″ x 38″

Jack Jasper 

studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He received a BFA in painting in 1970 and an MFA in 1975. He concentrated on painting in graduate school, but he also studied performance. His work in the time arts led him to explore the use of the body in conjunction with other media such as sound and film.

After receiving his MFA, he moved to Helena, Montana to pursue freelance design work with his brother. He eventually joined the staff of the Printers, Inc., as a designer. He continued painting and exhibited locally and regionally. In 1982 he received a grant from the Helena Film Society Grant to Artists Program. He collaborated with Montana poet, Rick Newby to design and produce the book, The Man in the Green Loden Overcoat, a juxtaposition of words and images. Read more...

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Corsage. oil on canvas. 24” x 30”

Banker Amy 

has been exhibiting in New York and worldwide since 1992. A Cornell University graduate, she studied environmental design, education, business and fine arts. A native New Yorker, Amy resides in New York City and Massachusetts.  Read more…

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Yellow Lotus with Little Fish. Oriental Brush Painting. 29” x 29”

Darlene Kaplan

Darlene Kaplan is an award-winning artist who has been captivating art lovers worldwide with her energetic Oriental Brush Paintings using Chinese watercolors for more than 40 years. Her many awards include First place at the Campagna Center, Alexandria, VA, First place at Green Spring Gardens, Annandale, VA, and Finalist at the 27th Annual Arts Competitions-Artist Magazine. She grew up in the country in Tennessee and states, “All of my spare time was spent walking in the woods searching out bugs, plants and anything else that was alive.  Read more

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Talking Heads. Porcelain sculpture.

Lilianne Milgrom 

Lilianne Milgrom can well be described as a “global artist at large.” Born in Paris, growing up in Australia and living for extended periods in Israel and the United States, she now resides in the greater Washington DC area.  She exhibits extensively in local and international galleries and museums and her work can be found in private and institutional collections. Read more

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Backless. Oil on canvas. 10” x 10”.

Sara Swan

My current work is an examination and celebration of the human figure, body language, fashion and costume. I base much of my art on simple figure drawings from a weekly class. I have worked as large as life-size and as small as a ten inch square canvas. I draw both men and women, but my art tends to be female-centric. Though I use people as my subjects, I’m not a portrait artist, and in general I am not representing any specific person in my art. Read more

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Calypso, photography, 20” x 20”

Keith Parks

Born in Los Angeles, Keith Parks grew up in the lovely town of Oxnard, California, where his father converted an old shed in their backyard into a darkroom to “keep him off the streets” while he was in high school. Keith began college at California State University, Northridge as a photography major, but as graduation approached and he realized there were no “Help Wanted: Photographer” ads in the classified section, but plenty of entry-level graphics jobs, he switched his emphasis to graphic art in his final year. In 1980 he got his BA in Art. Read more

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Pleasures. Oil on canvas.

Paula Laflamme

Born in Montreal in 1964, Paula Laflamme is a self taught artist and began painting in 1992. Paula spent her childhood between land and sea, the slums of Montreal, and the richness of her ancestors, from Gaspé. Her paintings are her own compositions, they are her work. Using her emotions and the expressions of the people she meets, she lives in interesting situations and moves deep into her characters and those who contemplate... read more
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The chessboard of Good and the Evil. Acrylic on canvas, 70cmx90 cm

Olivia Boa 

Olivia Boa was born in 1981 in Yvelines in France.   At a young age Boa was attracted to the world of the art and in particular, painting.

Boa began her formation into an artist at the age of 10  with the help of Yves Armani, an artist who taught her the basiscs. From the age of her 14, Boa pursued her work and her research in painting in a self-taught way. Read more

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Mirror Building. Photography

Yasmine Samiry 

Fashioned by experience, feelings and vision Yasmine Samiry is an emerging photographer-artist the world should keep an eye on. Award winning, published and exhibited, she is drawing attention around her.
Her life has been a journey of discoveries. … read more

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Red Cataleya. Digital Art.

Arthur Jacob 

Throughout my life I have always had a greater visual sense about how the world looked versus other senses. This visual dominance in perceiving the world has profoundly affected my work as an artist. My art offers an infinite variety of visual perceptions and interpretations for the viewer. The viewer is told what the “real Life” image is in the title of the piece, but through abstraction and reconstruction of that image, the viewer is then asked and challenged to explore the shapes, colors, movements and forms, which the abstraction and reconstruction presents. Colors and shapes become emotion, while form and movement become attitude. Even when a work is easily recognized there is still a predominate thread of color, movement, shape and form. The techniques to achieve these photographic abstractions and reconstructions are a thoughtful and purposeful digital manipulation. Using a mouse rather than a brush to achieve a powerful medium of expression and communication, creates this style of fine art… read more.   
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Native American. Abstract

Mike Menius 

Mike Menius has evolved an abstract painting vocabulary, which is rooted in years of plein air landscape painting.  His abstract themes can be viewed as psychological journeys, or vistas in air, water, and time. Read more

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White Silence. Gouache on paper. 8″ x 10″

Semproniu Iclozan

Semproniu Iclozan is an intentionally known American artist, born in Romania. His work has been shown at more than 51 exhibitions in Europe and United States. Iclozan’s art was published in many European books and catalogs around the world. Iclozan’s work is in the permanent collections at the Chicago History Museum, National Museum of Art in Bucharest, Romania, Museum of Contemporary Art, Poland, Royal Art Collection in Stockholm, Sweden and many others.
For almost two decades, Iclozan was exhibited as a solo artist in numerous galleries around the world including; Ambassador Gallery, NY, Portals Gallery and Hansen Gallery, Chicago, Fontanella Borghese Gallery, Rome, Italy, Accademia di Romania, Rome, Italy, Craiova Museum of Art, Romania, Drottinnggatan 100 Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (full list of solo and group exhibition can be found on artists web site).
Iclozan has also participated in numerous of Art Expos, including the Vancouver, Chicago and Miami International Exhibitions.
Iclozan’s artwork is also in many private art collections in United States, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, 
Ivory Coast, Japan, The Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland… read more.
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