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Art_Beyond_Special_Nude_2013_coverArt & Beyond Publications
holds juried competition for our special Issue dedicated to Nude and Figurative Art: “Nude, Nude and Nude”.

Deadline for the Competition June 3, 2014

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Sunil Vilas Exclusive Interview’s


image_webHerminia Haro Guzman
Peruvian ceramic artist

For many years I have been fascinated by the stories from one of greatest civilization in the World – The INCA. In today’s conversation we will follow the period before and after The Incas. As I believe there is a strong connection with the development of arts and culture of the Peruvian people of today. There is a movement in art that we would call art from within. It is the expression of the individual from within. It does not deny beauty or technical skill for they have always been compliments of art. It requires honesty and courage and a desire to share. In this inner expression the artist is revealed through his or her work expressing their uniqueness through the originality of their work regardless of style, medium or technique. This striving for originality is acknowledged in the theme exhibitions.  Read more…



001.Fu Wenjun Tata Fernandez during Art Palm BeachContemporary Art Projects USA Presents: Fu Wenjun

Headquartered in Miami, ong>Contemporary Art Projects USA, nurtures and promotes both established and emerging artists working across a variety of disciplines, ranging from conceptual art to photography and spanning the continents of Europe, Asia, North and South America. Read more...






MarukaCarvajal_7.jpgMaruka Carvajal

was born in Bolivia, and is a naturalized Spaniard. She’s lived in Brazil, Singapore, and Colombia, and currently resides in Washington, D.C. She was educated in architecture but passion led her to the visual arts. Her artistic goal is to make the viewer curious about the meaning behind my painting, while representing the places she has visited or lived. Her main hope is to share these places with the viewer, inviting them to take an emotional journey where their spirit can drive free. Read Interview with Maruka on p.12




From Many One Will RiseAndres Conde 

Icons, The New Idols of The Tribe 

Born in Havana, Andres’ earliest memories are of visiting his father in prison.  Conde’s father was a political prisoner who served seven years in Castro’s prisons. His release came after sustaining critical injuries, rendering him useless to the state.  Afterward, the family acquired visas to Spain, and with a few gold Spanish coins swallowed by the Conde patriarch before leaving the island, they were able to rent an apartment in Madrid, where the family lived for two years, making the best of a difficult situation, earning their daily bread by selling sandwiches outside the Plaza de Toros. Read more on p.14



0007 fallAlayne Abrahams

Alayne is an award winning artist working primarily in the medium of watercolor in the realm of magic realism.  She won the ARTV Muse Award in Drawing in 2007 ( and has most recently been published in the book titled Imaginaire V.  This book showcases an international array of artists working in the area of magic realism and is published on an annual basis through Fantasmus. Read more p. 8.




Attractive Girl Posing With Her Hands On Her HeadDiana Whiley

I turned to the digital medium several years ago as it best expressed my style. I love colour and am inspired by the Impressionist as well as the rich patina of the Old masters. As a fantasy writer I love to explore myth and dreams and have book covers published. I expanded my art practice to include abstract, portraits and still life. Read more on p. 33




Natalya Parris_pic.1Natalya Parris

My “free spirit – nonfigurative art” is completely free like a flying bird. There are no taboo colors or techniques, and I apply whatever seems right at the moment following the flow of inspiration. I also developed a unique artist style, combining my scientific, engineering, and  life experiences, called “Emotional Counterpoints in Paint – Dots Art.” In this style, perfectly round dots are overlaid onto sections of a previously painted picture to create a melody of my heart on the canvas. Read  Interview with Natalya on p. 23




EveChristophe Kiciak

 I craft conceptual, surreal, or unusual images using a camera and a computer. My images are often described as being surprising, or at least, quite different from most other photos. The concepts can be sometimes relatively obvious or even humorous, while in some cases they can be quite difficult to grasp at first glance. However, my pictures always contain some kind of message or story. Read Interview with Christopne on p. 18




Illusory Metamorphoses Grass Cloth version No 4. 110cm x 140cm

Fu Wenjun (Chinese: 링匡에; pinyin: Fù Wénjùn, born 1955), graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, is a freelance artist and photographer. He is a member of the China Photographers Association and of the Professional Photographer Association of America. His works have been exhibited in Grand Palais des Champs-Elysées in Paris, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and Old Summer Palace in Beijing.


Q. How would you describe your artwork to someone who has never seen it?

A. My works focus on the issues, like faith, history, technology, and civilization, that are connected to the present time. At the same time, I pay attention to maintain a distance between the works and the present popular ideas, which characterize most my works. Read more…






Living Under the Same Sky as Murderers. Mixed Media on Panel, 48″ x 60″.

Kevin Blake
is a Chicago artist and a January 2014 MFA candidate at Lesley University College of Art and Design. Blake also holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts as well as a Masters in Art Education from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Blake is also contributing writer for “Bad at Sports.”


Q. How would you describe your artwork to someone who has never seen it?

A. I use pen, oil paint, paint stick, as well as a variety of other materials to integrate abstract mark making with realistically painted figures and appropriated photo/image transfers. The figure plays a prominent role in almost every work. Often, a single phrase of text will be present in the composition as well. Integrating (and sometimes clashing) those various vocabularies, I investigate the inevitable noise, baggage, or history surrounding the human form. Sometimes that comes across in relation to the history of painting – where I directly quote Robert Rauschenberg or Jasper Johns – and sometimes it is conjured personally, by incorporated nostalgic figures from popular culture. The surface of my paintings function as a kind of static receiver, or petri dish, that maps the often ambient influence in a given frame. I attempt to illicit a nostalgic sensibility about the past, while being critical of it. Read more…

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Exploration 3. Mixed media on Canvas, 48″ x 60″

Elena Bulatova

graduate of Moscow State University with honors and golden medal.  Born in Russia, Elena Bulatova is a multi-media artist who is continuously discovering and creating. Paintings of Elena Bulatova are included in the book “International Contemporary Masters Volume VII” presenting the work of artists and trends in art all over the world. Read more…

Contact information:







Countdown. Acrylic on Paper, 30″ x 22″

Carol Staub

was born and raised in Milford, Delaware.  She is one of six children and  was raised in the country learning  to enjoy the simple things in life.  Upon completion of high school she entered the world of flight and completed a 26 year career with Delta Airlines.  She then retired and started to “play”.  This play led to becoming an award winning silversmith creating one of a kind custom jewelry.   A friend of hers repeatedly asked her to go to a watercolor class and after much coaxing she acquiesced and has been painting ever since. Read more…

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Rhaisa Castrodad pic 1

A flor de Piel. Acrylic on canvas. 40″ x 30″

 Rhaisa M. Castrodad 

Rhaisa was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1988. Since very young, Rhaisa began to show enthusiasm and a great ability for the art of drawing and painting. She began taking art lessons with the Puerto Rican artist, Luis G. Cajigas. Since then, Rhaisa has kept developing her art, and was chosen to be part of the Antonio Cortés Foundation. Eventually, she became Antonio Cortés’ art assistant. In the year 2006, she was the only student in her school nominated for the El Nuevo Día Educador Awards, where she was selected to participate in the fine arts category. Read more…

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Yuli_Altas_Night dreams

Night dreams. Gouache on paper. 11″ × 14″

 Yulia Altas 

Russian-born artist  Altas Yulia was one of a handful of international artists that exhibit for the first time in, 2013 at the Miami Iron Side during the City of Miami-endorsed exhibition entitled “International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami, IBAEM,” an event produced by The Art Marketing Mind, LLC.

Altas Yulia was born in the Tula city of Russia, surrounded by the rich heritage of art of this country. Her first serious artistic education began in 10 years of age, in the Tula art school. During the 4 years of training, she took part in various competitions, exhibitions and festivals of children’s drawings, there were awards and certificates and prizes. In 1993 she entered the Orel Art School, where she took most important basic skills of painting, drawing, composition, as well as crafts that including wall paintings, stained glass, Gobilen… Read more…

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Glen Josselsohn

Distinctively contemporary in his work, artist Glen Josselsohn’s signature art style offers the perfect solution to complement a modern and chic room design.

There’s nothing quite like art to give a room a character of its own. If the décor is the room’s attire, the paintings on the walls are definitely its attitude!

If there was ever a good example of this analogy, it’s the work of contemporary artist, Glen Josselsohn. Not only does his art buzz with energy and movement, but it opens up the imagination, engages the senses and ignites a sense of curiosity within the viewer. What really is going on between those lines and squiggles, those figures leaping off the canvas? Read more…

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IN SEARCH OF MEANING. Acrylic & Mixed mediums, canvas , 48”x36”

Helen Kagan PhD

Coming from a family of scientists, Helen was always fascinated by the left and right brain communication. A holistic therapist and artist, she’s been developing her unique technique and style in “Healing Arts” which reflects her own deep and colorful view on life, a desire to bridge realities and heal the Past. A refugee from Russia, Helen believes that art as a powerful form of self-expression can be a vehicle for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Read more…

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Untitled (Golden Bough), Oil on gessobord, 16" x 16"

Untitled (Golden Bough), Oil on gessobord, 16″ x 16″

Barbara Rosenzweig

Art is born of your soul. It is discovered in childhood. It’s a passion that fills you and transports you to another place, a place of spiritual essence. Once aware of this essence your journey begins.

My journey began as a child drawing, painting and constructing. I entered a New York City competition in which I was one of 20 students to receive a New York University Scholarship Workshop for High School Seniors. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Upsala College in East Orange, NJ. My education continued with a focus in the study of fine arts at Keane University, Parsons School of Design and the School of Visual Arts. Read more…

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Time Square. Acrylic on canvas. 50cm x 70cm

Time Square. Acrylic on canvas. 50cm x 70cm

Olivia Boa 

Olivia Boa was born in 1981 in Yvelines in France. At a young age Boa was attracted to the world of the art and in particular, painting. 

Boa began her formation into an artist at the age of 10 with the help of Yves Armani, an artist who taught her the basiscs. From the age of her 14, Boa pursued her work and her research in painting in a self-taught way. 

In 1998, Boa decided to release hersefl from conventional structures of the academic painting, by turning on the abstract art. Read more…

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Ghost of Tezfat, Photography

Ghost of Tezfat, Photograph


Vered Galor

has been involved with the fine art world as an artist, curator and educator for over thirty years. She received her BA and MA in Fine Art from California State University in Northridge in 1975 and 1978. Mrs. Galor started her career as glass sculptor. In 1981 she established a business doing curatorial projects and consulting in Contemporary Fine Art. She lectured, participated in discussions and wrote art programs to encourage the collaboration of Art and Architecture. Since 1989 Mrs. Galor has been concentrating on photography. Read more…

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Man Of The Street. Oil on canvas, 52” x  58”

Peter Filzmaier

My first recollection of works of art was at age seven when I saw the floor to ceiling paintings at the Emperor’s Palace in Vienna, Austria.  I was mesmerized and still carry the impact of the experience.

I first started dabbing in oils in my late teens but did not seriously take up painting until my early twenties. Growing up in Ontario, Canada and having an affinity for the out Doors, drew me to the works of the “Group of Seven”. I began painting on site through all seasons and traveled throughout the country. Read more…

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Brabrants thru the Netherlands. Watercolor and ink on silk. 33″ x 21″

Debbi Chan

On the cusp of two creative signs, the tiger and the rabbit, I was born in Houston, Texas. With a creative push from day one, I took up the brush by age ten. In my early years as a budding artist I decided that oil painting was not my thing but watercolor and ink were.  That really never changed but the style vacillated from realism to fantasy throughout those formative years.  It was not until a bit of aging wisdom came to me that I sought out a teacher and found Frank Chiu, a master artist in traditional Chinese painting.  He mentored me for over a decade and was later joined by his wife, Judy. Read more…

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Sandy Den Hartog

Sandy has had an interest in stones since childhood. Wherever she went, even as a young person, whether it was picnics, vacations, or field trips; she always made sure she had a cup along to collect rocks which were precious to her at the time. Once in high school she took numerous classes in gemology and geology. Then she graduated, got married, and had children. Rocks and gems had to be put on hold for a while. Read more

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Zygote. Acrylic on canvas. 52″ x 38″

Jack Jasper 

studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He received a BFA in painting in 1970 and an MFA in 1975. He concentrated on painting in graduate school, but he also studied performance. His work in the time arts led him to explore the use of the body in conjunction with other media such as sound and film.

After receiving his MFA, he moved to Helena, Montana to pursue freelance design work with his brother. He eventually joined the staff of the Printers, Inc., as a designer. He continued painting and exhibited locally and regionally. In 1982 he received a grant from the Helena Film Society Grant to Artists Program. He collaborated with Montana poet, Rick Newby to design and produce the book, The Man in the Green Loden Overcoat, a juxtaposition of words and images. Read more...

Contact informations:



Red Cataleya. Digital Art.

Arthur Jacob 

Throughout my life I have always had a greater visual sense about how the world looked versus other senses. This visual dominance in perceiving the world has profoundly affected my work as an artist. My art offers an infinite variety of visual perceptions and interpretations for the viewer. The viewer is told what the “real Life” image is in the title of the piece, but through abstraction and reconstruction of that image, the viewer is then asked and challenged to explore the shapes, colors, movements and forms, which the abstraction and reconstruction presents. Colors and shapes become emotion, while form and movement become attitude. Even when a work is easily recognized there is still a predominate thread of color, movement, shape and form. The techniques to achieve these photographic abstractions and reconstructions are a thoughtful and purposeful digital manipulation. Using a mouse rather than a brush to achieve a powerful medium of expression and communication, creates this style of fine art… read more.   
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