Art & Beyond Special Issues 2015

Nude and Figurative Art: “The Body Beautiful”

Art & Beyond Special Nude and Figurative Art issue is published and available to read and view as a Virtual Issue using the image above. Also this issue is available to purchase as a printed version for any promotional and marketing value by using the following link.

Congratulations to Competition Winners!

Barbara Hazen artwork “Rising Above ” won the Front Cover for the Special issue.

The Inside Front Cover won Eric Badoud for his work “La Femme a la Fenetre”.

The Back Cover won an artwork “Morning Miads” by Iliyan Ivanov.

And Inside Back Cover was awarded to Allan Carandang for his work ” Truong”.

Congratulation to the following artists who’s work was awarded to be published in the Special issue: Alex Tolstoy, Donald-Rizzo, Jerry Ralya, Kathryn Jacobi, Marcy Ann Villafaña, Nadine Robbins, Nora Venturelli, Parick Bergès, Ronna S. Harris, Sabina D’Antonio, Steven Lustig, Ed Hicks, Gilly Gobinet, Jane Gottleib, Manss Aval, Sara E. Swan, Sigal Miller and Richard A. Moore III.

Photography and Digital Art 2015

Art_Beyond_Cover_Special_PhDigital Art_2015-1

Art & Beyond proud to announced that Special Issue Photography and Digital Art is published and available for published view – click here.

To purchase this magazine as a printed version please click here.

Congratulations to Ryota Matsumoto, his work “Field Scope Observations in Post Landing” was chosen as Front Cover for this Art & Beyond  issue. The Inside Front Cover was awarded to Ileana Collazo for her beautiful work “The Fabric of Time”.

The Back Cover was awarded to Arthur Jacob for his work “Wheel” and the Inside Back Cover has been awarded to Diana Whiley for her work “Nostalgia”.

We would also like to congratulate those artists who have been chosen as Publishers Choice Award winners in this issue for their originality and technique to Lynn Bell, Pamela Z. Daum, Sue Eves, Vered Galor and Natalya Parris with one page award and Manss Aval, H. Allen Benowitz, Chuck Fletcher and Melissa Lambert with two pages award.

Congratulations to all winners!

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