Fall Issue 2020

From the Publisher

Art & Beyond Publications is proud to announce that October-December  2020 Online issue is published and is available for public view.

Congratulation to cover winners in the Fall Online Issue 2020!

The Front Cover award received Elia Perez.
The Back Cover awarded to Lize Kruger.
The Inside Front Cover awarded to Igor Prokop.
The Inside Back Cover awarded to Rene Cheng.

The Publisher Choice Awards to a number of amazing artists including a Lewinson Art Group participants are:
Halina Domanski, Ana Elisa Benavent, Andrea Cerisola, Arturo Ezquerro, Deborah Prum, Marian de la Serna, Marisa Leñero,  Melinda Margules,  Mir Espinosa Olmedo, Paola Medina Fernandez, Patricia Fabre, Sasha Samkova with One Page insertion and Helen Kagan, PhD and Isabelle Malo  with two-page insertion.

Congratulations to all once again! 

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