Exclusive Offer to be Published

This exclusive offer is for artists represented by LewinsonArt to be

Winter Print Edition

published and promoted by the Art & Beyond Online Magazine.

Art & Beyond is promotional services for artists in form of both Online and Print Edition Magazine with 118,500+ readers as of today. 

Due to the COVID-19 Art & Beyond offers only Online Representation and Promotions with the option to order printed version of the Online Magazine for artists to have it as a powerful promotional materials.

In Promotional Campaign is included PR, Social Media promotions on multiple platforms including FB, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, RedIt and others.

If you are on the mission to bring your art to a next level and be seeing by thousands of art professionals now is a time to make it happened.

Deadline September 19, 2020

Cover Competition is included in the Entry Fee of $75.00 for Full Page.

After application is filled out and payment completed please send 3 images and up to 300 words short biography in form of essay to mrstudio@comcast.net

Two-Page Spread is also available to apply with 5 images in a price of $150.00. Use the drop down PayPal menu under Entry Form.

Please fill out application below then get back to this page and make a payment.

*Payment includes PayPal fees.


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    All your entry information can be submitted by email to: publisher@artandbeyondpublications.com or using any free web based servers such as www.transferbigfiles.com to the provided email address.

    How to send:
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    I will send submission by email to publisher@artandbeyondpublications.com as a zipped files (in one or more emails) with my Name and Size of the Space chosen in the subject line.I will upload my submission on to www.transferbigfiles.com as one zipped file named as my Last Name and my Name and the Size of the Space chosen in the subject line. I will notify you by email to publisher@artandbeyondpublications.com when it’s uploaded.

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    All entries submitted to the Art & Beyond Magazine Online must be original work. The artist must be the sole owner of the copyright of the submitted images/artwork. Artists accepted to be published will retain full copyrights of their images. Submitting the Entry Form gives ArtAndBeyondPublications.com the authorization and permission to utilize submitted materials for publication as well as marketing purposes including publicity by ArtAndBeyondPublications.com.

    Please check this box. It will act as the artist signature for consent.

    If you have any questions please contact us at publisher@artandbeyondpublications.com

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    Online Special Offer for LewA

    Price Rate Policy:

    • Cancellations are accepted in 24 hours after the submission made and refund will reflect transection/service fee from the payment made.
    • The Publisher reserves the right to reject certain artwork or artists for any reason; including but not limited to the quality of the submitted images and the overall content.
    Art & Beyond will not be held liable or responsible for any printing errors.
    • Please note that the printed images never match materials 100%.
    • Placement of editorials is in an alphabetical order by sections. Special placements will not be offered and/or considered.
    •  Art & Beyond is not responsible for printing any incorrect information.
    Art & Beyond is not responsible for any loss or damages incurred from the shipment of your submission materials.
    Art & Beyond cannot guarantee your acceptance to art galleries, art museums or publishers.
    • By signing the Entry Form you agree that after your artwork is accepted and published in Art & Beyond that all payments are final.
    • Entry Forms without full payment will not be processed.
    • Notification of acceptance will be sent via email communication.